Autumn Eyes


Autumn leaves crisp and golden

Taught by the moon to fly

Through the heart of September

Taught by a leaf to love the sky

To shape rain

To be the wind-flute diamond swung

And dress-dag of dawn

An angel for an angel to kiss

Gods like castles and shells

Like corn silk

Like tassels

Worn and cleaned and bartered and borrowed

And new for the singing dawn after dawn

Another dawn to be spoken to

Another tapestry to hang and find myself in

Another whippoorwill to ring through the campfire bottle

And only you to wake up with

Our hearts ready to be blown away

But slowly

Like the sun






The Moon’s Invitation


The songs rising with heat and smoke into stars

Fern dance witness

Umbrellas of smoke

Beneath this dress of night

The river always near


Exhale of the river and inhale of the Big Lake

Autumn leaves finally light with gold

Before they dissolve

Invited to fly by the moon

And with eyes full

To never stop







Nomadic Stillness


Rain and desire

Forehead to forehead

I’ll keep my eye out

For the throng of butterflies

That are always in the wind

That become your love’s music

It’s easy in this white canvas morning

There’s nomadic families that pass through me when I’m in your arms

Even though I’ve no horses of my own

When the rain walks the brim of this house







Lost Creek Song


How do I follow the truth except by allowing this body

to take off its shoes

in the warm sand of dusk

like the edge of the world turned rose

meander like a lesson

from the harbor to Lost Creek

and back

lay on the hood and listen

to Exploring Music with Bill MacGlaughlin

held by all these engines

till I do it again?









The beautiful starkness of self

The thousand masks swung and dropped

into the star-covered grass

Fields of moaning autumn risen into focus

like prayers

And cows lowing for their separated calves

Clairvoyant foxes drawn by deerfat and dead mice

through the hoop of midnight

Acorns turning things horizontal into bells

This forest ablaze

With witness








The Ten Thousandth Dish


Like a gatekeeper

truly loving those people

who pass through

and truly looking at them

thinking: “Maybe it’s only for me to know them

day by day

as they pass and change

grow and reconfigure and arrange

some never to be seen again

as they pass into this monastery

this castle where the kings dissolve

in the cook’s steam

dishwater reflects their eyes

as it melts

off the ten-thousandth











Humming birds



Painted Ladies

Hummingbird moths

Blue Admirals

Bees of all sizes

And me

with my own wand

giving water

for height’s joy

We all dance

the edge

of spring








Offering The Snow


The night earth has lifted for the morning

The slanting light of laughter leaf lit springs and eyes

And the music of falling leaves

Bluejays piercing the illusion of space

Across the snow everything is born this moment

The crunch of snow beneath our feet

The wind voicing through the bare bones of Aspens

Bodies bared through these winter depths

Like the ship of summer sunk beneath the world

This ocean is Dionysus cloaked in furs









Poem For Greg


Catbird’s meow and Bittern’s gulp entwined

dusk rising

a lone Peeper here

Yet on the edge of the world

there is a shimmer of other frogs

like stars

like an ocean

Like stars an ocean

of ship-grown swells

Toads singing

Whippoorwills calling in the wind

Woodcocks peanting up the worms

falling into place









Walking Poem Alone


The flowers showed me to know

there’s only this singing

there’s only this

heaven and home

walking alone

dirt road dust

and bones

finally hollow and empty

with wind

on the shoulder important

Clouds birthing themselves like dreams of deepest fish

Waving ravens stealing everyone’s babies

to feed their own

and caching this earth like a jewel reborn

jewel rebuilt

jewel re-membered like a family spread

into a thousand dreams

on the night phone

on the sleep-ship deck somewhere

between heaven

and this rutted ocean road









Winter Offering


Winter ease

A white time of human song beyond

Foxes politely clean my camp of old tallow

and bone

Drinking tea

Cutting wood


Breath visible

(invited the chickadees for Christmas deerfat hung from the sumacs

and kept the bluejays away by firing off my .22)


Dried nettles


Wild rice

Beaver stew

Like a deer

always listening








Raven Poem


Like a raven poem

breathing the morning

the sky-dancing lovers

the vast spaces of winter’s breath

by night finally rising into frost

made of returning

a world

whose members rise from winter’s release

of tantalizing streams

of spring beds to lay upon

to day upon

as sunlight filters down

before summer climbs the throne

Winter of laying in imagination’s opulent snow

as ravens graze our thoughts freed

in the stillness

in the wind

like an angel’s wing











Who’s heart do I follow so deep into unknowing

but my own?

This heart a child

with little turquoise teeth

with hair ocean waves

curling over the tracks of night music

nose full of cargos of sunset

This heart I dropped into the sea

and caught as I fell

with a torch in one hand

I was only trying to light my way

as I doused that bridge with gasoline

cause it was a road I hadn’t built myself

unconscious rain

storms of unconscious rain

veils of unconscious rain

wedding gowns of unconscious rain

and the rain that has left puddles that have found in themselves

only sky

only to disappear to reveal the notes of birds and insects and worms

for no reason why









Dawn Breaths


Silver hair hung over a face fresh from winter

these stars of dawn rain

in the white pine breath of morning

gulls singing their way inland

empty arms tall

as my head

holding all the abundance

above the clouds