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December 2020

REPORT THE EARTH available for sale

Dear Everyone: My futuristic novel REPORT THE EARTH is now available for purchase through BLURB Publishing. This is a novel that explores many themes of a future earth with a variety of new beings inhabiting the former human cities. It also explores other races of life off the earth who were responsible for bringing humans to the planet. But most importantly it is about individuals learning to love and share their own creativity.

To The Well Of Earth available for sale

Dear Everyone: my science fantasy novel To The Well Of Earth is now available for sale from Blurb Publishing with a new cover. A blend of myth, poetry, fantasy, and science fiction, To The Well Of Earth is a magical exploration of a genetically engineered being who walks out a laboratory after the fall of civilization and attempts to grasp its own power of validity and self-creation as it journey along the shore of the sea.

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