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Dear Everyone: My novel THE NIGHT FLYING COLLECTIVE is now available for sale through the Blurb Bookstore.  It is a beautiful mythological tale of five people who are all telepathically connected in different parts of the American continent all sharing their journeys of owning their own creativity.  I hope you like it!

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THE DIARY OF SNOW ARISEN available for sale

Dear Everyone: My latest poetry collection THE DIARY OF SNOW ARISEN is now available for sale through the BLURB bookstore.  This collection constitutes poems written up to the end of 2019, informed by the beauty of a natural world with recurring themes of foxes’ eyes, petals falling into pools, paintbrushes of wind and moonlight, and the storyteller who gathers the fallen feathers of life and weaves them into our winter food.  These poems are full of love’s migrations and harmonic explorations and the song-shadows of birds.

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TO THE WELL OF EARTH available for sale

Dear Everyone: My science-fantasy novel TO THE WELL OF EARTH is now available for sale through the Blurb Bookstore.  It is a novel which explores what it means to be genetically engineered and downloaded with information about humanity and the natural world and then to walk out of an abandoned lab after the fall of civilization and encounter real birds, real sun, entities from outer space, storytelling horses, and to struggle with concepts of identity, equality, and love.  It is a beautiful tale that relates directly to our own realities of being trained humans given information that may not match the actual natural world.

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Dear Everyone: My futuristic novella RETURNING TO THE WAVES is now available for sale through the Blurb Bookstore.  It is about a group of people living on the beach after the rest of humanity has transformed themselves into all kinds of crazy other life-forms and took off into the cosmos basically abandoning their human bodies and even becoming new planets.  But these people decided that cooking wild food and dancing in the moonlight with giant toads (on earth) was just as peachy as turning into some vast nebulaeic consciousness or some new unheard-of aquatic entity on some other planet where the water’s purple.  But, of course, there’s two people, Anacropolis Copius and BT Abernathy, who are attempting to reinstate civilization even though there’s no one really to reinstate it onto.  Can these two groups get along even though they have vastly different ideas of what constitutes art and nutrition?  Find out what happens when you attend an out-of-body cooking class in this novella about star-crossed love and the end of the world.

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ORDERS OF THE MOON available for sale

Dear Everyone: My wild fantasy novel about a white male financially successful New Age shaman who wanders into a restricted toxic area and starts a new wonderful life with various Space Beings, and also regular earth animals and plants, rather than talking about it, is now available through the Blurb Bookstore.  I hope you like it.  It’s a crazy and fun and beautiful and life-affirming tale about someone stepping beyond ideas of societal hierarchy into a whole new world of love and truth.  It also has some really serious romance.

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Dear Dreamer Published by Amethyst

Dear Everyone: On February 29th my poem Dear Dreamer was published by Sarah Law in her beautiful Amethyst Review.  This poem is from my second poetry book THE DIARY OF SNOW ARISEN which will be on sale soon on this sight and from Blurb publishing.  Amethyst Review is a wonderful mag as almost every poem I read in it is engaging.  Thank you Sarah!

DANCING THE SOLITUDES (Collected Poems 2007-2015) Available For Sale

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Dear Everyone: I’m happy to have my collected poems from 2007-2015 available for sale. This compilation includes the books: BREATH ON THE MIDNIGHT PHONE, DANCING THE SOLITUDES, BREATHING DEEP DEAR EVEN SON, LAST POEM OF THE NIGHT, NIGHT FLYING POEMS and THE MOON IS IN THE HOUSE.  Audio versions of the poems are still available on this site under the poetry category, but it’s always great to have a book of poems to carry around and really study.  I hope you like it.  It is $10.00 available through the BLURB bookstore.

9 Poems Published By Bluepepper

Dear Everyone: I’m proud to have seven of my poems published by poet and novelist Justin Lowe in his wonderful Bluepepper Magazine.  To view the poems go to and type in John Rock into the search and you be able to view the poems: Moon Full, River of Dawns, Autumn Listening, Walking Poem, Morning Wind, Getting Old, Morning Fire On The Beach, In Reply To Autumn, and On The Beach.  Also, be sure to search out Justin’s Poems as their full of uncanny beautiful depths of emotions and histories.

Aira published by Janice Lee

Dear Everyone: This week Janice Lee novelist and poet published my futuristic piece Aira which is based out of my novel Report The Earth in Entropy Magazine as part of her The Birds.  Thank you, Janice!!!!!

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