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In Reply To Autumn published by Justin Lowe

Dear Everyone: This week the Australian poet Justin Lowe published my poem In Reply To Autumn in his wonderful Bluepepper magazine.   Be sure to search Justin’s poems, too, as they uncanny mergings of history and emotion, among a myriad of other great lyricism.

On The Beach in Bluepepper Magazine

Dear Everyone: I’m so proud to have another beach poem published by Justin Lowe’s Bluepepper magazine!  I love that meeting ground of land and water, of geographies, boundaries, languages, and that ever-changing eco-system that the shore represents, like two musics coming together.  In this case, two people, too.  Thankyou Justin!

Morning Fire On The Beach Published by Justin Lowe’s Bluepepper

Dear Everyone: I’m proud to announce that this week the poet and novelist Justin Lowe published my Lake Superior poem Morning Fire On The Beach in his wonderful Bluepepper magazine.  This poem was written on the south shore of Lake Superior during a summer when I made a fire and drank tea and wrote poems and journals on the beach every morning before heading off to work at a small farm.  Then often times it was back to the beach again to watch the sunset and then study poetry in my tent by lamplight.  Thank you Justin!

Morning Wind published by Bluepepper

Dear Everyone: This week I’m proud to say the poet Justin Lowe published my poem Morning Wind in his wonderful Bluepepper poetry magazine.  I hope you all like the poem!  Thankyou Justin!

Aira published by Janice Lee

Dear Everyone: This week Janice Lee novelist and poet published my futuristic piece Aira which is based out of my novel Report The Earth in Entropy Magazine as part of her The Birds.  Thank you, Janice!!!!!

Getting Old published in Bluepepper

Dear Everyone: this week, the poet Justin Lowe published my poem Getting Old from my collection The Moon Is In The House in his wonderful BluePepper Poetry Magazine.  This poem has a lot to do with language, age, and our relationship to the earth.  It was written when I was forty-three, but now since I’m fifty-one I’m ‘bending toward the earth’ even more.

Autumn Listening and Walking Poem

Dear Everyone: This week the poet and novelist Justin Lowe published my poems Autumn Listening and Walking Poem in his great BLUEPEPPER MAGAZINE.  Both poems were written up by Lake Superior in the United States.  Walking Poem has to do with the wonderful beaver ponds you find that are many times amazing architecturally, and there’s been a ton of times that I’ve watched them in the moonlight building and eating.  The beaver’s meat it also the most coveted meat by all wild carnivores up there cause it is so unbelievably fatty and rich since they mostly eat the inner bark and leaves of preferably Aspens.  Thank you Justin! .

Four Poems In AQUEOUS

Dear Everyone: AQUEOUS is a great literary and arts magazine that comes out of the Lake Superior area of North America.  They have all their back issues on line which can be downloaded for free.  I have two poems in the Winter Solstice 2013 vol.3 issue Looking Down and Soliloquy, and one poem in the Vernal Equinox 2014 vol.4 issue Beloved Of The Beloved, all from my collection Night Flying Poems.  And my poem Raven Cantata from the collection The Moon Is In The House is in the Winer Solstice 2014 vol.7 issue.  Thank you AQUEOUS not only for your wonderful magazine but for knowing what it’s like to flourish in the depths of winter.

Breathing Deep Dear Even Son

Entropy Magazine was so great to publish my poem Breathing Deep Dear Even Son from my collection of the same name under their Variations On A Theme section curated by Megan Broughton who helped me refine the poem even further.  Thank you Megan and Entropy!

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