Dear Everyone: My futuristic novella RETURNING TO THE WAVES is now available for sale through the Blurb Bookstore.  It is about a group of people living on the beach after the rest of humanity has transformed themselves into all kinds of crazy other life-forms and took off into the cosmos basically abandoning their human bodies and even becoming new planets.  But these people decided that cooking wild food and dancing in the moonlight with giant toads (on earth) was just as peachy as turning into some vast nebulaeic consciousness or some new unheard-of aquatic entity on some other planet where the water’s purple.  But, of course, there’s two people, Anacropolis Copius and BT Abernathy, who are attempting to reinstate civilization even though there’s no one really to reinstate it onto.  Can these two groups get along even though they have vastly different ideas of what constitutes art and nutrition?  Find out what happens when you attend an out-of-body cooking class in this novella about star-crossed love and the end of the world.

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